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After I read some shit tutorials with free booster or written by people that did not even know the difference between dos and ddos I wanna explain it to you leechers.



First at all you need to know the difference between ddos and dos. With that knowlege you are better than 95% of the people here...

DDoS = Distributed Denial of Service

DoS = Denial of Service


For the stupid people:

dos is like you open internet explorer on windows xp

ddos is like you open 100 internet explorers on windows xp


so basically dos means you attack a bitch with 1 server (or 1 bot) and with ddos you attack

them with more servers/bots or infected guys


So if you just want to get somebody down for a few minutes it's enough to rent a russian server.

Remember that alot of russian server hoster do limit your net output, so read the tos.


If you want to get some websites down you should come to ddos.


Before we go to ddos, here is a dos script which you can run on your linux server.

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If you dont know how to use it:

1. save this file as .pl file and upload it to your server

2. connect with putty

3. go to the dic

4. run ./<filename> <ip> <port> <size> <time>

5. you're ready. I guess you guys know what I mean with that parameters.



Let's go to ddos

As I told you it is basically the same with more servers.

Ofc it would be trash to run the script on each server. It would also be trash to ddos someone only with servers.

So in this case I would recommend you to create a botnet with ddos function.

Everything else would be crap. Just look here in marketplace, I read some threads with cheap setup.

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Seems good, thanks for the in depth explanation :)

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